Alanna Lizun

Alanna Lizun became interested in fashion at a young age. As a collector of dolls when she was young, Lizun couldn’t afford to buy all the clothing for the dolls so she was determined to make them herself. Lizun learned how to sew from her grandma’s next-door neighbor, crafting outfits for her dolls and other items. As Lizun went onto high school she took all the sewing classes the school had to offer, as well as classes at her local community college. During her senior year, Lizun was able to take an independent study in fashion design.

Throughout her schooling Lizun focused on fabric manipulation; specifically on how it correlates with knitwear. Lizun focuses on how fabrics or outside objects are combined to form new ideas of what fashion and wearable art can be.

Lizun attended Kent State University where she received a BFA in Fashion Design with a focus in Knitwear. Her plans for the future are to create sustainable knitwear in a contemporary market. She has currently completed several internships in New York under the companies 3.1 Phillip Lim, Milly and Stoll America.

Alanna has recently shown an evening wear collection in collaboration with Supima in New York and Paris Fashion Week.

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